HighSide One

Controlled File-Sharing for Sensitive & Regulated Data

HighSide’s e2e encrypted SecureDrive lets teams store, share, and sync their files, making collaboration across the hybrid workforce and supply chain secure, productive, and compliant.

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Make Your Data Available, Without Sacrificing Control

w/ SecureDrive’s sharing hub and file-level access controls

Share project materials and important files with your team and facilitate remote collaboration while maintaining centralized control & visibility to data access.

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Store Intellectual Property, Files, and Regulated Data

w/ e2e encryption and full compliance management

Safeguard your critical information through a zero trust cryptography system that has no central point of failure, eliminates ransomware, and ensures total control over your data.

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The Industry Compliance Easy Button

Meet your industries compliance requirements right out of the box

Controlled Project Collaboration

through DMs, channels, guest chats, and in-line file attachments

Invite your collaborators, external users, and employees alike to a channel and easily share ideas, files, edits, and notes in a single place.

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Desktop File Sync Delivers Team Productivity

by ensuring users have the most current versions, no matter what

Real-time sync lets your users collaborate on sensitive data & advanced file types, ensuring they always have the latest version of that Excel workbook or CAD file, even when offline.

Classify Data & Control How Files are Used

w/ file, folder, and drive level permissions

Data owners and administrators can change how authorized users can interact with files by changing their permissions. Limit data to “read-only” or ensure files never leave SecureDrive with “view-only”.


Authorized shared users have full access to make changes to these files and folders. Don’t worry though, SecureDrive saves up to 1,000 versions making sure you never have to worry about someone saving over your edits.


Ensure your SecureDrive remains the “single source of truth” by restricting authorized users from saving changes. This permission set is perfect for CAD files or file types that need to be opened by special software.


Stop data exfiltration and maintain complete control of your data by ensuring it never leaves SecureDrive, while also facilitating sharing & authorized usage of your files.

Where You Work, HighSide Works

Controlled productivity across your MacOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS devices

HighSide One is available on all computing platforms your employees and partners use to share, collaborate, and communicate. Enterprise organizations can easily use existing deployment tools or direct users to install the app from the HighSide website (no local admin rights needed).

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Simplify User & File Access Control

w/ HighSide’s comprehensive RBAC security group policies

With the most comprehensive security and access control policies available, HighSide One gives administrators the ability to set global rights for user groups, including geo-location restrictions, communication restrictions, data access restrictions and more.

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Auto Backup & Restore up to 1,000 Versions

of every file in SecureDrive, regardless of file-type

Never deal with ransomware or save-as anxiety again, SecureDrive automatically saves every change and gives users the ability to restore versions instantly.

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Collaborate With Your Supplier Ecosystem

and anyone else you’d like, with external user accounts and enhanced data access controls

Don’t limit yourself to collaborating internally - extend file-sharing and collaboration to your supply chain, 3rd party users, partners, customers, and more. Integrated guest user profiles let your admin team control how your “extended” team can participate, what level of data access they have and more.

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Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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