HighSide One

Secure & Out of Band Messaging

HighSide’s mobile and desktop apps ensure your team has access to fast, simple, and secure messaging wherever work takes them. Powered by HighSide’s e2e encryption protocol, your confidential communications are secure, and with our integrated compliance suite, compliant.

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Chat, Ping, or Message...

Communications has never been this secure, compliant... or easy

Shoot a quick message on your mobile app and respond to that question from your laptop, HighSide One secure messaging and chat offers a familiar user experience while delivering unmatched security, privacy and compliance controls.

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Organize, Align, and Engage with Purpose

through internal and external, public and private channels

Channels let your users engage in project based collaboration, team based discussions or cross-functional working sessions. Share files, chat with partners, or engage with customers - channels give you a shared space to work collaboratively.

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Public Channels

Keep the conversation open to users who can view “joinable” channels and foster open dialogue across your teams.

Private Channels

Close the door and have truly private and confidential collaboration, only users who are invited can access the channel contents.

Guest Channels

Invite guest users to a channel and instantly start collaborating with users outside of your organization. All file shares and communications are secure and compliant.

Non-Verbal Communication is Everything...

especially when it helps boost productivity and user experience

Complete with giphy integration, emoji reactions, in-line replies and more user-focused features, HighSide not only delivers a secure environment but a fun (and productive) one too!

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Notification Overload is a Thing of the Past

Set channel, device, and chat specific notification preferences

Don’t suffer the all or nothing when it comes to staying connected. HighSide lets users select their default notification preferences, adjust based on device type, and customize further based on the channel or conversation tab.

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Controlled Project Collaboration

through DMs, channels, guest chats, and in-line file attachments

Invite your collaborators, external users, and employees alike to a channel and easily share ideas, files, edits, and notes in a single place.

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Where You Work, HighSide Works

Controlled productivity across your MacOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS devices

HighSide One is available on all computing platforms your employees and partners use to share, collaborate, and communicate. Enterprise organizations can easily use existing deployment tools or direct users to install the app from the HighSide website (no local admin rights needed).

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E2EE + E-Discovery = Compliance Gold

Maintain security while also meeting industry and regulatory compliance standards

Compliance comes standard with HighSide, delivering an immutable event log, geo-location data restrictions and an optional e-discovery enabled compliance suite. Meet industry message archiving requirements, export control encryption regulations, and patient data protection needs.

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Integrate Apps & Tools w/ HighSide

and you’ve got a secure hub for alerts, app data, and more

Teams can quickly integrate thousands of apps with HighSide to securely bring data into the HighSide One environment. Ditch pager duty, browser, email or SMS alerts - push data into HighSide channels through GitHub or Zapier integrations and ensure the right people are notified securely.

Zero Trust & Passwordless Authentication

means no more passwords, no more phishing, no more spoofing...

HighSide’s encryption protocol binds to a users' physical device as the core trust factor, eliminating phishing, spoofing, and social engineering attacks. Teams can go the extra mile with layered MFA, and rest assured that there is no single-point of failure with HighSide.

Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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