HighSide One

Encrypted Voice, Video & Screen-Sharing

Integrated calling, video chat, and secure screen-sharing ensures your teams stay secure, compliant and productive. Catch up with your team, collaborate on an ITAR or HIPAA regulated project, or share internally confidential information - HighSide has you covered.

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Screensharing, One-to-One Voice Calls, and Multi-User Video Chats

Keep your hybrid-work and partner teams securely connected

Buzz a colleague from your mobile app, or initiate a screenshare from your desktop app - there are so many ways to ensure secure and compliant communications with HighSide’s encrypted voice, video and screen sharing.

Encrypted Team Calling

Don’t try and remember their number, just hit call in HighSide

Don’t be shy, just click the call button and you’ll be talking to your colleague on your desktop or mobile app. Secure encrypted calls mean you can talk through those tricky algorithms or put the finishing touches on your new engineering prototype.

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Quick Team Huddles are Easy with HighSide

Sure, chat is great, but a quick group conversation is always best

Schedule your team stand-up or run an ad-hoc brainstorming session with your team - or with your partners through the HighSide app. Simply initiate a voice or video session in a channel and everyone will get the ring - don’t worry, if they need to join late, that’s not a problem!

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Always Have Your “Whiteboard” at the Ready

Securely share your screen, even if it’s sensitive or regulated materials

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words, don’t try and describe what you are working on, turn screen share on and quickly walk through the latest powerpoint or financial model.

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Schedule & Host Secure Meetings

Join-in-Browser calls let you have a secure meeting with anyone, bring your own web browser

Talk with suppliers, pitch a prospect, or chat with your lawyers. Join-in-browser lets your team keep all their conversations secure, even when users outside the HighSide One environment need to join.

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Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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