HighSide One

Integrated Compliance Management

HighSide ensures every organization can not just meet but prove compliance to industry and government regulations. The stand-alone Compliance Suite enables organizations to stream event logs to a SIEM, meet e-discovery & message archiving requirements, and much more.

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Compliance Comes Standard

And HighSide lets you prove it to whomever cares

HighSide delivers out of the box compliance for most major industry security and privacy regulations, no extras needed. Leverage the built-in Compliance Suite for full e-discovery capabilities or simply configure the event API to monitor activity - the choice is yours.

Set it and Forget It

Compliance bot is the easy button for e-discovery requirements

HighSide’s compliance bot, complete with its own cryptographically unique encryption keys, ensures your legal and compliance team can view, search, filter, and archive an immutable record of all communications and file shares.

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The Industry Compliance Easy Button

Meet your industries compliance requirements right out of the box

Prove Compliance: Reduce Cost

The Compliance Management Suite is included with HighSide

Organizations of all sizes can now ditch costly archiving, e-discovery, and messaging compliance systems. HighSide’s Compliance Management suite gives your team the ability to meet, and prove, compliance - complete with filtering, searching, archiving, exports, integrations and more.

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Access, Actions, Usage, and More

Collect and correlate activity logs with event API connectors

No need to deploy the compliance bot, simply connect the event connectors API to your SIEM or log management platform and you’ll be monitoring HighSide in minutes. Look for anomalous behavior, track file and data access, and monitor location based usage.

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Control “Where” Not Just “Who”

with RF-signal based geo-location access restrictions

Simply configure an authorized location and apply the security settings to a user group - if a device is outside of the geo-fenced area, they’ll be blocked from accessing the environment. HighSide’s patented geo-location access controls ensure you can keep HR records from shoulder surfers at the coffee shop… and ITAR controlled data from being accessed outside of the US or pre-authorized locations.

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Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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