HighSide One

Secure Cloud or On-Prem Options

HighSide’s multi-geo cloud infrastructure supports data residency requirements and our decentralized e2e encryption ensures your data is never accessible - no matter what cloud it’s in. However, sometimes the mission requires segmented infrastructure and HighSide’s on-prem solution fits the bill.

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The Choice is Yours

HighSide offers 5 deployment options to meet your needs

Whether you just love an on-prem solution or need to ensure your “data” (remember, it’s only ever ciphertext in our cloud) resides in a specific geographic location, HighSide is here to help. Customers can select from a US, EU, UK, Secure US Gov’t cloud, or deploy to their own Azure, AWS, or custom infrastructure.

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Enterprise Clouds: US, UK, or EU

choose what SaaS cloud meets your security, compliance, and data residency needs

Don’t settle, know exactly where your files and data reside even if they are always encrypted. Some organizations even run two separate clouds to meet various export and data access compliance requirements. HighSide’s cloud is secure, highly available, and continuously validated… but better yet - you don’t have to trust us at all.

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Beyond Zero Trust with Cloud Data Management

No matter where your cloud is hosted your data is never at risk

HighSide’s decentralized encryption system ensures that there is simply no way for unauthorized individuals to access your data. HighSide’s system delivers zero trust assurance that even if a bad guy gets in, they’d never get anything out.

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When the Mission Requires Complete Control

Deploy HighSide on-prem and own it from memory to compute

Some organizations want to own the entire infrastructure, whether it’s a burning desire for control or it’s a mission specific requirement. Deploy HighSide into your AWS or Azure environment with a few hours worth of effort, or work with our DevOps team to deploy into a custom infrastructure.

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FedRAMP Ready Cloud For the US Government

Hosted by SAP in their secure government cloud, available today

Don’t let government cloud computing requirements slow you down. Get access to HighSide’s controlled file-sharing & collaboration tools immediately through our secure cloud hosting partnership with SAP’s National Security Services team. Standard controls meet FedRAMP moderate and DoD IL-3 requirements, with FedRAMP high and IL-4 controls optionally available.

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Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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