Meet and Exceed ITAR Compliance

Companies that work with controlled information must comply with ITAR and EAR. There are no certifications for ITAR or EAR compliance and violations of these regulations may result in both criminal and civil prosecution. Luckily HighSide’s E2E encrypted collaboration platform is fully compliant with both ITAR and EAR regulations, giving you modern collaboration: chat, file share, & geographic access controls through a secure cloud hosted system.

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ITAR requires E2E Encryption & Geographic Control of Data

Not only does ITAR require E2E encryption, but it requires that no third party (which means the provider) has access to your keys. Additionally, it requires strict geographic access controls to data and conversations surrounding ITAR controlled projects. HighSide’s decentralized Encryption & Authentication Protocol ensures that no one (not HighSide, not even your admins) have access to users private key material and our patented RF signal triangulation system ensures users are only granted access to the system when in authorized geo-locations.

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HighSide Platform Snapshot

Ultra-Secure Chat & Encrypted Communications

HighSide gives your ITAR regulated teams a familiar user experience, with chat, messaging and voice / video / screen share that feels just like less secure but widely used collaboration and consumer messaging apps. Users can easily message any member of the team (provided their security groups allow for this), share pictures or files to individuals & groups or conduct real-time voice & video calls. All activities on the app, whether it’s sharing an emoji or the latest ITAR regulated data is encrypted on-app with cryptographically unique encryption.

Encrypted File & Document Sharing

In addition to chat and communication capabilities, HighSide also offers an integrated secure file storage and sharing feature (SecureDrive) that can be used to house operational documentation, maps, plans, photos and more. Share “drives” securely with various members of the team and quickly disseminate important information on a “need to know” basis with configurable security groups.

- E2E encrypted cloud repository ensures your data is always secure - and with a distributed root trust model, no EKM or PKI reliance.
- Selectively enable local editing or synchronization for files and data types that need to be edited.
- Enable third party data collaboration with granular RBAC and user access controls - provide temporary authorization for specific projects to facilitate productivity.
- Built-in support for Microsoft RMS, Azure Information Protection (AIP), and leading endpoint DLP systems.
- Data Residency, Guest Users & Custom Retention Management.

Centralized Control, De-centralized Cryptography

Unlike other popular messaging apps and collaboration platforms, the admin team can control who is allowed into the environment, and has complete authority to revoke encryption keys, suspend access, define acceptable geographical boundaries for usage, manage device authorizations and more. Lastly, all event and message data can be archived for compliance and e-discovery requirements - but also, message and data retention periods are flexible down to minutes or up to centuries and can be easily set to meet with the mission requirements.

Keys are never exposed via SMS or shared across unsecure communications channels. HighSide’s distributed private root of trust model ensures no one can intercept or spoof a user's keys, eliminating “eavesdropping” risks. Designed on a bit-torrent style data transfer framework, HighSide supports extremely poor connectivity environments and ensures all messages, pictures, files, and communications are securely and reliably delivered.

"For the first time in my 30 years working here, we have a reliable and secure way to communicate with team members and suppliers without having to worry about loss of our intellectual property or regulatory compliance problems."

Director Research and Development IT | Global Materials Science Corp

Check out how a leading materials science manufacturing firm deployed HighSide to enable their staff to collaborate on ITAR controlled CAD files and ensure geographic access was limited to authorized locations.

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Share internally and externally, as needed, always ITAR compliant

HighSide enables teams to quickly provision guest accounts ensuring ITAR compliant communications and collaboration with external partners, suppliers, and manufacturing teams. There are plenty of messaging apps available, but none that combine security, compliance and management capabilities like HighSide. Users can download the app to their mobile device, personal laptop or corporate workstation - engaging in encrypted communications to discuss the next big project, make collaborative edits to the latest design files, or to discuss development timelines.

Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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