HighSide One

Centralized Access Control & User Management

Integrate user management with Active Directory, configure RBAC based on user groups, manage device authorizations and control file access permissions. HighSide gives admins the ability to centrally control every aspect of access and usage while maintaining a zero trust, decentralized e2e encryption system.

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Control Everything

Manage devices, data permissions, geo-location access, and more

HighSide’s team management dashboard lets admins pre-configure user security group policies, create ad-hoc restrictions for guest users, force MFA checks, set device authorization policies… In essence, it’s the traffic-cop for your controlled file-sharing & collaboration environment.

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Zero Trust & Passwordless Authentication

means no more passwords, no more phishing, no more spoofing...

HighSide’s encryption protocol binds to a users' physical device as the core trust factor, eliminating phishing, spoofing, and social engineering attacks. Teams can go the extra mile with layered MFA, and rest assured that there is no single-point of failure with HighSide.

Control “Where” Not Just “Who”

with RF-signal based geo-location access restrictions

Simply configure an authorized location and apply the security settings to a user group - if a device is outside of the geo-fenced area, they’ll be blocked from accessing the environment. HighSide’s patented geo-location access controls ensure you can keep HR records from shoulder surfers at the coffee shop… and ITAR controlled data from being accessed outside of the US or pre-authorized locations.

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Automated User Provisioning

with Active Directory and Azure AD integration for enterprises

Manual user management is for the birds. HighSide offers integrated user management capabilities to automatically provision and de-provision users based on their Active Directory status and associated security groups.

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Fingerprints: Not Just for Humans Anymore

Lock down access to authorized devices, while also requiring supplemental user verification

HighSide fingerprints and limits access to authorized devices, but some organizations want even more layers of verification. With integrated MFA, users can be required to use biometric authentication, pin based authentication or one-time code authentication on their pre-authorized devices.

Collaborate With Your Supplier Ecosystem

and anyone else you’d like, with external user accounts and enhanced data access controls

Don’t limit yourself to collaborating internally - extend file-sharing and collaboration to your supply chain, 3rd party users, partners, customers, and more. Integrated guest user profiles let your admin team control how your “extended” team can participate, what level of data access they have and more.

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Compliance Comes Standard

And HighSide lets you prove it to whomever cares

HighSide delivers out of the box compliance for most major industry security and privacy regulations, no extras needed. Leverage the built-in Compliance Suite for full e-discovery capabilities or simply configure the event API to monitor activity - the choice is yours.

Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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