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HIPAA, as well as PHIPA in Canada and NHS DSS in the UK, are compliance regimes focused on ensuring patient healthcare information (PHI) is handled properly and securely. HIPAA’s focus on electronic PHI (ePHI) makes using traditional data sharing and communication tools a challenge at best, since most platforms (including email, “365” chat services and messaging apps) don’t meet encryption and data privacy standards.

HighSide's E2E encrypted collaboration platform was built with healthcare, hospice, nursing, and pharmaceutical firms in mind. Enabling PHI data storage & sharing, HIPAA compliant individual & group messaging, HIPAA compliant encrypted voice & video calls, and sensitive & proprietary data storage, HighSide gives healthcare & pharmaceutical organizations an all-in-one HIPAA compliant collaboration platform.

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Share PHI Securely & Privately

HighSide's HIPAA certified collaboration, messaging, and data sharing platform meets the needs of providers, care givers, patients, and healthcare workers. Available on desktop and mobile devices, HighSide brings easy to use collaboration to PHI data sharing.

  • WhatsApp-like messaging and Zoom-like video calls keep your team connected, patients & providers engaged, delivering HIPAA compliance right out of the box.
  • Store & Share PHI with HighSide's SecureDrive and give your team HIPAA compliant Dropbox-like document sharing.
  • Stay connected from your pocket with Android & iPhone apps that ensure a seamless desktop to mobile experience - coupled with geolocation access controls, you can control where your team can access PHI and other HIPAA controlled data.

"As organisations have raced to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes the appropriate security measures have been missed. We are delighted to be partnering with HighSide to take their... strong secure communications tools to our client base."

NTT Data - Simon Williams, CEO

Check out how Remix Medical deployed HighSide to enable their staff to easily share patient data, schedule procedures, and engage with facilities across Texas in a HIPAA compliant fashion.

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Share internally and externally, as needed, always HIPAA compliant

HighSide enables teams to quickly provision guest accounts ensuring HIPAA compliant communications and collaboration with external doctors, patients, facilities, administrative staff, other personnel alike. There are plenty of messaging apps available, but none that combine security, compliance and management capabilities like HighSide. Users can download the app to their mobile device, personal laptop or corporate workstation - engaging in encrypted communications to discuss the next big merger, a new workforce plan, or how to invest last year's profits.

Built-in e-Discovery & compliance suite satisfies your HIPAA requirements

Even with decentralized cryptography, HighSide still enables organizations to meet strict messaging e-discovery and HIPAA compliance event logging requirements. Using chat apps, even secure ones, organizations often run afoul of HIPAA compliance and legal requirements. With a built-in compliance suite, legal support teams can search & export immutable event data & communications, stream event logs to a SIEM or ingest message & file data into Smarsh, Global Relay and other leading archiving & e-discovery platforms.

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