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Executive teams share documents and communicate daily on the most sensitive of topics. In an office environment, lots of these conversations happen behind closed doors, but in the modern workplace digital platforms have taken the place of face-to-face discussions. HighSide enables privileged conversations and sensitive data sharing with executive and board team members through our E2E encrypted collaboration platform - safeguarding your sensitive data from external actors and insider threats alike, while increasing productivity through a consumer-like user experience.

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Eliminate digital eavesdropping with an app trusted by leading intelligence agencies

HighSide’s distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol (HEAP) gives executives and board members the ability to communicate, share, and discuss sensitive issues without concern for digital eavesdropping. Traditional “365” chat systems allow for admin and vendor access to data, are NOT e2e encrypted and are vulnerable to cyber actors, browser vulnerabilities, phishing, spoofing and more. With HighSide, teams can communicate, save, and share business sensitive data in a truly segmented system from any device they have available (personal or work). In fact, HighSide not only increases privacy and security, it enhances productivity since exec and board members can operate inside the platform without concerns.

Productivity without compromise

Private & Public Channels

Closed and private channels enable internal teams to collaborate on sensitive projects while allowing all users to hangout in the “breakroom”.

Voice & Video Calls w/ Screen Sharing

Seamless voice and video calls allow one-on-one conversations and team discussions to take place in a secure environment - you can even have neverending video calls within channels that users can join and leave whenever they need (or want) to connect with their colleagues.

iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Linux Apps

HighSide is available on all the devices you use. Whether you’ve got it on your work laptop, personal iPhone or government Android device, our platform works seamlessly across all major desktop and mobile platforms. Pick up where you left off when you switch devices and even transfer calls from device to device.

Giphy, Emojis and Reactions!

Everyone loves GIFs and emojis! Integrated giphy let’s your team have some fun meme banter and built-in emoji reactions let you quickly get the point across and keep the conversation flowing.

Real-time Search

Search across channels, conversations or for files with powerful real-time results. Filter your search results based on conversation, channel, date, sender and more - never lose your work! Favorite messages and files for quick recall through the search filters.

In-line Replies & Message Deletion

Easily reply to a message to make sure your teammates know exactly what you are referring to. Send the wrong thing? Need to make an edit? Delete the message and start over (as long as your admin allows this).

Share internally and externally, as needed, always securely

HighSide enables teams to quickly provision guest accounts ensuring secure communications and collaboration with external advisors, leadership, and key personnel alike. There are plenty of messaging apps available, but none that combine security, compliance and management capabilities like HighSide. Users can download the app to their mobile device, personal laptop or corporate workstation - engaging in encrypted communications to discuss the next big merger, a new workforce plan, or how to invest last year's profits.

Built-in e-Discovery & compliance suite satisfies your legal teams requirements

Even with decentralized cryptography, HighSide still enables organizations to meet strict messaging e-discovery and compliance event logging requirements. Using chat apps, even secure ones, organizations often run afoul of compliance and legal requirements. With a built-in compliance suite, legal support teams can search & export immutable event data & communications, stream event logs to a SIEM or ingest message & file data into Smarsh, Global Relay and other leading archiving & e-discovery platforms.

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