Sync, Store, Share, and Collaborate on Engineering Projects Securely & Compliantly

Engineering and R&D teams are constantly sharing and collaborating with files, many of which are considered sensitive intellectual property. Distributed teams are tasked with designing, building, and manufacturing products in a hyper-competitive marketplace. Design documents, process & technique data, and even workflow information is as good as gold, and must be protected as such. However, enabling employees and contractors to access & co-edit files, such as CAD drawings, while ensuring both the availability and safety of those documents is beyond a challenging effort. In addition to productivity and data security concerns, many engineering teams are faced with regulatory requirements, like ITAR, EAR, CMMC, DEFCON, NIST and more, that require strong compliance controls.

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Share CAD files, ensure version control, manage access & improve productivity

Engineering teams regularly work with large file types that require local software applications for editing and notations. With HighSide, teams no longer have to...

... download the latest iteration of a large document, eating up bandwidth, taking time and

HighSide syncs all your working files locally, via E2E encrypted bit-torrent style data transfer system ensuring you always have the most current version ready to go.

... choose whether to send files via unsecure means or use unreliable and clunky file sharing systems

HighSide allows users to share files, documents, and data with other authorized users (employees or contractors) and ensures all file activity is fully recorded in an immutable compliance event log.

... worry they don’t have the latest version or committing changes that will conflict with other users

HighSide’s version control system stores up to 1,000 versions with full event / user data. Additionally, users can “lock” files while they are working on them to ensure no conflicting changes and have the latest docs sync’d directly to authorized users local machines.

... guess at who has access to the data

HighSide’s access control system ensures that only authorized users can access data. With a full management interface, data & project owners can quickly manage access for internal users and external collaborators.

Read-Only & View-Only for sharing final engineering specs with partners

HighSide serves as your single source of truth for data and document management. Teams can quickly share documents with contractors and suppliers without risking the integrity of their intellectual property. With folder & file level permissions, data owners can allow users to review files in local applications (think CAD programs) while restricting their ability to save changes. Additionally, file owners can restrict certain types of data to view-only eliminating the ability to download or open in desktop apps, but giving the user the ability to review a final design PDF or build document, for example.

Native support for Microsoft RMS / Information Protection features as well as DLP

With support for Microsoft RMS, Azure Information Protection (AIP) and access rules based on data type, user location and more, you don’t have to trust your data is being used responsibly - you can ensure it. Many organizations have pre-defined data policies that are applied to documents based on data type, sensitivity level and more. HighSide’s SecureDrive file sharing and storage system maintains these and allows you to extend the enforcement of your document management and DLP program.

Store & Share Sensitive & Regulated Data Management w/ No Infrastructure

HighSide enables Engineering and R&D teams to increase their productivity, increase the security of their sensitive & regulated files, and reduce the TCO for data management systems. With the HighSide Platform, teams no longer have to manage internal data storage (and all the security and infrastructure that goes with it), nor do they have to accept data sharing systems that put information at risk and cause bandwidth and version control headaches for their team members.

"For the first time in my 30 years working here, we have a reliable and secure way to communicate with team members and suppliers without having to worry about loss of our intellectual property or regulatory compliance problems."

Director R&D, Global Research & Development Organization

Read how one global engineering and materials science R&D organization migrated from Sharepoint to HighSide and increased their teams productivity, decreased their TCO, and guaranteed their compliance with ITAR regulations.

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Features your users actually want to use

Drag & Drop Files

Easily drag & drop files into your SecureDrive to automatically upload, encrypt and share with your teams in an instant.

Integrated with OS file system

HighSide's SecureDrive is optionally integrated with your file system so no need to even open the app to access your files or to create new shares - just use the finder or file explorer like you always do.

Local & Off-line Sync

Never be without your files even if your network connection is down. HighSide's SecureDrive syncs your files (you control what can be synced) locally to ensure productivity knows no limits.

Version History & Restore

Access up to 1,000 saved versions of files and let users (or admins) restore old versions.

File Lock

Lock files that you are actively editing to ensure all users "wait" for your changes before viewing, sharing or editing the document.

Customizable Trash

No one finds trash exciting, but it's important to know you can always restore trashed data if you change your mind!

Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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