Why HighSide

"Over the last decade, nearly every consumer technology device has been pre-compromised at the factory to benefit nation/state actors. For example, Apple has worked with the People's Liberation Army to embed cryptographic tools to intercept and manipulate all iMessages sent to/from every iOS device on Earth. On PCs and Macs, over 130 organizations in 30 countries have the ability to intercept and manipulate all content sent to/ from Office 365 (including Microsoft Teams)." - IANS RESEARCH

In today's decentralized work environment, we've had to quickly adapt our security practices to meet a new operating reality. Workers need a way to remotely store, share and collaborate around sensitive data, IT leaders need a way to ensure that only authorized users (in authorized locations, on authorized devices) can access internal services, legacy data stores and even cloud applications, and security and compliance teams need to make sure this is done securely and in compliance with government regulations.

17% of ALL sensitive files are accessible to ALL employees 20% of orgs have had a breach caused by remote workers

Remote work has increased the average cost of a data breach by $137,000

Cyber attacks on cloud collaboration platforms rose 630% in 2020 On average, every employee has access to 11 million files

Protect against phishing & spoofing attacks

81% of data breaches involve weak or stolen passwords. HighSide’s end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) collaboration platorm uses distributed cryptography to eliminate the need for passwords, thus eliminating threats from phishing & spoofing attacks.

Centralized systems are single points of failure for infosec

Attacks such as the Solarwinds compromise show how centralized systems are putting data and organizations at risk. With HighSide, each user is their own private root of trust ensuring no individual can bring down the entire system.

Browser based cloud applications are failing security teams

Common apps for cloud data storage, collaboration, or conferencing are inhenrently vulnerable to browser based attacks. While TLS / SSL in-transit encryption is easily defeated. HighSide’s closed-loop E2EE ensures your data remains your data.

Enterprise Key Management (EKM) is not a sufficient solution

EKM solutions fall victim to single point of failure, browser based vulnerabilities, and insider / user trust security threats. If you are centralizing keys and sharing those with a 3rd party provider, your data is at risk. HighSide’s distributed private root of trust model ensures true end-to-end encryption with no risk of breach.

Collaborate with Sensitive Data & Ensure Compliance

HighSide gives organizations the ability to collaborate on sensitive projects, share confidential information and ensure compliance with all major governance regimes such as ITAR, HIPAA, CMMC, FINRA, FFIEC, GDPR, SEC and more.

Deploy On-Prem or FedRAMP Cloud

HighSide can be run within isolated computing environments meeting Impact Level 5 (IL5) requirements as defined by the US DoD Cloud Security Requirements Guide.

Securely Store & Share Files in the Cloud

With HighSide's e-2-e encryption and distributed trust architecture, your data is secure at rest, safe in transit and readily available for user collaboration.

Broker Access & Authentication with Zero Trust

Guarantee only those authorized (and in authorized locations, on authorized devices, etc) can access sensitive information - and do it in a seamless manner for both administrative staff and end users.

HighSide is the Leader in Zero Trust Secure Collaboration for the Enterprise & Government - enabling the distributed workforce to store, share, access and collaborate with sensitive data in a secure and compliant environment.

The HighSide platform offers an end-to-end encrypted operating environment with integrated secure collaboration and cloud file storage & sharing. Additionally, HighSide supports existing Microsoft Teams deployments through E2EE encryption for Microsoft Teams messaging & file transfers. Lasly, organizations can extend the power of HighSide’s distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol (HEAP) as an MFA broker and eliminate the need to trust SMS, 2FA codes and even passwords.

At HighSide we build technology to enable the modern business, addressing challenges in productivity, sharing and engagement typically stymied by data security and data access requirements.

Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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