Trust your communications in a breach, safeguard your last line of defense

When your organization is facing a breach, being able to trust (and access) your communications systems is crucial to regaining control. For many SOC teams, the mere thought that your IR playbooks and internal response communications could be compromised makes for a reoccurring nightmare. SOC and IR teams need to deploy segmented, encrypted and secure communications to keep response operations from being impacted by outside actors - and HighSide’s E2E encrypted collaboration platform is the right choice.

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End-to-end encrypted communications ensures your operational integrity

HighSide’s distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol (HEAP) gives teams the ability to communicate, share, and respond no matter the status of the network. Operate in a beyond zero trust framework, with a decentralized root of trust and secure on-app key management. With HighSide, teams can communicate and access critical response files in a truly segmented system from any device they have available (personal or work), without running afoul of corporate or industry compliance requirements.

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Out of band access control ensures you are always operational

HighSide’s built-in encrypted User Management system ensures your authorized users will always have access to HighSide communications and files - even if your central user directory is compromised or unavailable. Sync with your AD or IAM provider for easy provisioning & de-provisioning of users, but rest assured that HighSide’s encrypted User Management system operates independently of your IAM, so even if AD is compromised, HighSide continues to provide access & secure communications to your teams.

Securely respond & communicate with leadership and external IR teams

HighSide enables SOC teams to quickly provision guest accounts ensuring secure communications and collaboration with IR first responders, leadership, and key personnel alike. There are plenty of messaging apps available, but none that combine security, compliance and management capabilities like HighSide. Users can download the app to their mobile device, personal laptop or corporate workstation - engaging in encrypted communications to bring back the network and take down the adversary.

Built-in e-Discovery & compliance suite satisfies your legal teams requirements

Even with decentralized cryptography, HighSide still enables organizations to meet strict messaging e-discovery and compliance event logging requirements. With a built-in compliance suite, legal support teams can search & export immutable event data & communications, stream event logs to a SIEM or ingest message & file data into Smarsh, Global Relay and other leading archiving & e-discovery platforms.

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HighSide delivers a secure, out-of-band system with...

On-App E2E Encryption

messages, files, voice & video are packaged and encrypted on the client app eliminating man-in-the-middle or spoofing attacks.

Decentralized Private Root of Trust

HighSide’s decentralized Encryption & Authentication Protocol extrapolates the private key material to the end-user application eliminating central points of failure like EKM.

Zero-trust & Passwordless Authentication

Eliminate phishing as a threat to the integrity of your communications and data by removing the password and operating on a purely zero-trust authentication model.

Device Authorizations & Geographic Temporal Fencing

HighSide delivers centralized control over a decentralized cryptographic system with full RBAC, user provisioning control, device management, and more while maintaining the independence of encrypted content and private keys.

Active Directory and Identity Management Sync

Scalable user management ensures provisioning & de-provisioning users doesn’t become a managerial headache.

Out-of-band Platform Ensures Availability & Security

HighSide’s secure cloud is fully segmented from internal IT systems and operates fully independently from corporate devices and networks.

Full Compliance Suite for Regulated Industries

Support for e-Discovery and financial compliance regulations such as FINRA, FISMA, NIST, and SEC even if central IT infrastructure is compromised.

Third Party Sharing & Guest Access

Quick guest access ensures rapid extensibility to 3rd party response and support technicians.

"HighSide gives our teams the assurance that our communications, and therefore ability to respond to an incident, are secure and available even if our network is completely pwned."

Cyber Security Director, Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

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