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$16 $12 $19.20 $14.40 $19.20 $14.40 - -
per user/month paid monthlyannually per user/month paid monthlyannually per user/month paid monthlyannually not available on-premise
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For orgs that need a secure out of band collaboration platform, with team communication, data management, file-sharing, and RBAC & compliance.
  • End-to-end encrypted
  • SecureChat collaboration
  • Granular user access controls and permissions
  • Event logs & SIEM integrations
  • HPAA compliant
  • US, UK or EU SaaS deployment
$30 $20 $36 $24 $36 $24 $38 $28
per user/month paid monthlyannually
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For governments & organizations that need advanced compliance features, data residency controls or on-prem / single-tenant cloud deployment options.
  • Includes all Business plan features, plus:
  • Advanced admin controls
  • Device authorization/management
  • Full e-Discovery & archiving compliance suite
  • Finance records & compliance controls (SEC 17a-3 & 17a-4, FINRA 3110 & 4511, etc.)
  • Government/military compliance controls (NIST, CMMC, ITAR, FedRAMP, etc.)
  • Data residency controls
  • On-prem deployment options
  • Active Directory sync
  • Custom backups
  • Custom TOS/SLA

Trusted by Government Organizations & Enterprises Around the World

Business Plan
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Enterprise Plan
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1-to-1 & group messaging
1-to-1 & group voice/video calls
Screen sharing
Extensive search & filtering
Broadcasts & announcements
Star messages
Read receipts
Rest API for Integrations
External "guest" users
Admin Panel
User usage statistics
Granular user permissions
Content information barriers
Content filters
Custom data retention policies
CSV mass invite
Active Directory sync
User device management
Security & Access Controls
E-2-E encryption
User ID authentication/verification
Built in MDM/DLP
Forced MFA
RF-based geolocation access controls
Time-based access controls
Support for Microsoft Information Protection & Rights Management
Device authorization
Document watermarking
Coming Soon
Compliance Solutions
Event Logs
PII/privacy (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)
Healthcare/Pharma (HIPAA, HITRUST, etc.)
Built-in e-Discovery/Archive Suite
Syslog/events SIEM API
Signed BAA
Min. 100 Users
Min. 100 Users
Finance (SEC 17a-3 & 17a-4, FINRA 3110 & 4511), etc.
Government/Military (FedRAMP, CMMC, FIPS, NIST, etc.)
ITAR & export controls
Support & Deployment Options
SaaS deployment option
Min. 100 Users
Min. 100 Users
In Region SaaS: US, UK or EU
Single-tenant SaaS (Managed by HighSide)
Min. 175 Users
Min. 100 Users
On-prem deployment option
Min. 100 Users
Data residency controls
Customer support
Custom backups
Sandbox testing environment
Dedicated customer success team
Custom integrations
Custom ToS/SLA/Support packages

Pricing FAQs

Does HighSide offer free trials?

HighSide offers free-trials on select SaaS product offerings. HighSide does not offer free-trials for on-prem deployments, but on-prem plans could be eligible for a discounted POC.

Are discounts available for large teams?

Volume-based discounts are available. For teams greater than 200x users, please contact HighSide's sales team to learn more.

What are the supported payment methods?

The fastest and easiest payment method is by credit card subscription, managed by our billing panel. ACH payments and wire transfers also available.

What are the supported billing currencies?

HighSide supports USD (default), GBP, and EUR currencies.

What are the "Data Residency" options?

Your HighSide team and backend cloud storage/compute can be deployed to our data centers in either the US, UK or EU (or hosted yourself in any location of your choosing for on-premise plans). Pricing may vary based on server location due to different prices incurred by HighSide for resources in different regions.

Can you support any other data residency locations?

HighSide is able to deploy single-tenant customers to 30+ regions around the globe. If you are interested in a managed single-tenant deployment, please contact our sales team to learn more.

Do you charge sales tax/VAT?

HighSide reserves the right to assess applicable taxes as required by local law. Depending on location, customers may be charged transaction or VAT taxes when purchasing.

We need to add more users to our team, how will that be billed?

For SaaS customers you can add/remove users at any time and your account will automatically scale up or down. For on-prem users, you will need to purchase additional blocks of user licenses - payment will be prorated to cover the remainder of the current billing period.

Can we upgrade/downgrade plans?

Upgrading/downgrading you plan is easy for customers on our SaaS platform. Customers trying to go from SaaS to on-prem/single-tenant, or downgrade from on-prem to SaaS will need to coordinate with HighSide's support team for a migration plan. It may not be possible to port existing data from on-prem to SaaS or SaaS to on-prem. Also, please keep in mind that downgrading could resulting in losing access to certain features, storage space, etc.

Can I buy additional storage?

You can buy additional storage by upgrading from the "Business" plan to the "Enterprise" plan.

Does HighSide offer discounts for nonprofits and educational institutions?

HighSide supports nonprofits and educational institutions in their mission whenever possible. We have officially partnered with nonprofits and charitable organizations in the past and extend the deepest possible discounts on any of our SaaS offerings when and where applicable. Please contact us for more details.

What is the cancelation/refund policy?

Your subscription can be canceled at any time. It will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period that you’ve already paid for. HighSide does not offer refunds.

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