Brendan Diaz

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of HighSide, Brendan works to set the strategy for the business and ensure that the needs of customers, employees and investors are being met. He has worked to build an all-star executive team which he manages with a focus on "leadership over micro-management," empowering his team to be successful. Brendan's background is as a multi-exit tech founder who became focused on exclusively on cryptosecurity after co-founding the first crypto/blockchain think tank and accelerator program in NYC, where he met his now-cofounder and CTO at HighSide, Jonathan Warren.

From fundraising to handling legal matters and leading board meetings, Brendan wears many hats at HighSide, but most enjoys learning from and helping customers as well as working on the company's product. Featured in publications ranging from TechCrunch and DarkReading to TheBanker and Forbes, he also enjoys discussing the evolving cybersecurity landscape and how organizations ranging from small businesses to the US military can successfully protect their people, applications and data from bad actors.

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